aged_careMuch time and effort has gone into ensuring that your retirement is everything you had hoped it would be, however factoring in the time and often-financial pressures of care options was not often part of the plan. The questions is, do you know your parents’ wishes and plans with regards to their twilight years?   Just like planning for a fulfilling and rewarding retirement, we recommend talking to your parents about their plan for aged care as it will ensure they do not place a financial or emotional burden on their loved ones. Talbots’ Aged Care Specialists can help you prepare for when aged care may be required.   Often the need for such care can be sudden, and failing to plan may mean that wishes cannot be fulfilled. Our comprehensive aged care service includes:

    • Reviewing different accommodation arrangements,
    • Analysing appropriate income and asset test-friendly strategies,

  • Development of an Aged Care Plan covering pre-planning, imminent move and ongoing strategies once in the aged care facility,
  • Ensuring sufficient capital and regular income funding needs are met,
  • Enhancing any Centrelink entitlements to supplement income needs and reduce the burden on the capital and pension,
  • Helping manage longevity risk through specialist portfolio construction,
  • Facilitate aged care assessment process,
  • Liaise with Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT),
  • Assist with ACAT residential and financial assessments,
  • Ongoing review of financial ACAT testing.

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